B Yoga Founder Andrea Morris

All of us at The September offices are huge fans of Andrea and her incredible brand (try the company’s B MAT once and it will become your go-to for yoga forever). We also love how she’s extended that to B CALM, a new line of soft goods, and taken over Halfmoon, Vancouver’s acclaimed purveyor of yoga and meditation goods. So we were pretty chuffed to catch up with her and get her take on yoga, fashion and more.


How did you meet the challenge of finding high-performance yoga gear that looks and feels amazing?

Our product development process is a very long and deliberate one. We don’t constrain ourselves with deadlines; rather we build products through inspiration and visioning with an underlying and unwavering quality mandate. This is how we ensure every product we offer is elevated with a touch of what I call, “unique-special-different".

What do you think of yoga gear worn as streetwear – fashion or faux pas?

Fashion – but this is 100% self-serving as I live in my yoga threads!


Speaking of that, yoga in the Western world has become “exercise” as opposed to a focus on the connection between mind and body. What are your thoughts on that?

I love that yoga has become so accessible and that there’s a genre of yoga for any person on any given day. Some days, all I need is a workout and other days I want something more soulful and meditative. Although yoga has become Westernized, I do think that the essence of the practice still exists in many genres and via many teachers out there. And there’s something for everyone, which is beautiful to me. B Yoga encompasses every aspect of yoga.​

Tell us about your offering.

Our products are designed to support all yogis in being themselves. Our products are elevated, functional and also inspired by beauty. Our hero product is the ultra grippy B MAT and we’ve expanded into our B CALM line of soft goods which includes eye pillows, meditation cushions, blankets and more. I think that more and more people are looking for Zen spaces in their homes – that really inspired our B CALM line, which takes its cue from upholstery fashion. The B MAT is not changing functionally, but we are excited to launch a few new colourways soon!


Tell us about Halfmoon and your exciting partnership.

Founded 30 years ago, Halfmoon is a yoga, meditation and wellness company rooted in integrity. I purchased the company last year as Halfmoon’s founder was looking to retire and reached out to me because she knew our values were aligned and our brands could complement each other (pinch me!). Halfmoon is famous for making yoga and meditation goods, such as meditation cushions, eye pillows and more out of our facility in British Columbia. Together, B Yoga and Halfmoon are a one-stop shop for all things yoga, meditation and wellness.

Best way to start the day?

Yoga! Obvious answer but it’s true. I have a teacher visit my house every Friday at 6:30am. She guides both my husband and I. Fridays are my favourite. Second best way to start the day? Coffee!

Word of advice to yoga novices?

Experiment. Try different teachers, spaces and modalities – there’s something out there for you.

Is there one yoga exercise that you think everyone can and should do?

Breathwork. It changes everything.

What was the last book you read?

Educated, by Tara Westover. It shook me to my core.

Did you have time to travel this summer?

Yes! There were a few trips to our cottage on Georgian Bay with my girls and husband, and also to Vancouver to visit the amazing team out west. And next week I head to Tokyo. We have a very special business partner there and I'm thrilled to pay him a visit, as well as play tourist there for a week.

Ideal spot for a yoga retreat?

I went to one in Tulum earlier this year. It was perfection.

Favourite essential oil.

Depends on the day, but today I’m loving my doTerra Rose Roller. It makes me feel in tune with my femininity – softened and calm.