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Erin from Lumas

Erin from Lumas

Erin Lang

Toronto, Ontario

When the LUMAS art expert wanted to share some fun personal preferences, collecting tips and (of course) her favourite shoe designer, we couldn’t resist…

1. Dream piece of art you’d love to own

Helmut Newton.

2. What words or expression do you overuse

“My favourite”

3. Favourite shoe designer

Jimmy Choo.

4. Favourite art gallery


5. Best advice for novice art collector

Buy what you love.

6. Perfect Sunday

Coffee and strolling through a neighbourhood's galleries and stores.

7. Charitable cause


8. Bucket list vacation

I could keep returning to Italy and never get bored.

9. Summer reading list

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.

10. How many pieces of art do you own

More than I have walls for! My parents helped start my collection when I was growing up and I have continued collecting into my adult life.

11. Favourite Canadian artist

Andre Monet is a favourite Canadian from the LUMAS portfolio.

12. Painting or photography

Both. I love to mix it up.