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Evie Begy

Evie Begy

Evie Begy

Toronto, Ontario

This brainy beauty knows as much about the London School of Economics (she graduated with a Masters) as she does about lipstick (don’t ask how many she owns!). A risk-taker, she gave up her pursuit of investment banking to follow her passion for fashion and is now the Collab Director at The Kit. We love her style and here she shares some of that and more with us….

1. Favourite London museum?

The Victoria & Albert. They hold fashion with the highest regard in their thoughtfully curated exhibits. Their Cristobal special last year took my breath away. 

2. Fashion icon?

My mother. She knows exactly who she is with her style – and that lady is pretty fab.

3. What’s in your makeup bag?

The truth? I have an entire makeup bag dedicated to my 78 lipsticks. But because it’s all about balance – clearly! – I only keep a small kit of the classics: concealer, blush, bronzer, lash primer, waterproof mascara and liquid liner.

4. Flats or heels?

Heels. I love being the tallest person in the room.

5. Last vacation?

Paris with my parents. I enjoyed being their third wheel immensely.

6. Beauty secret?

Start your liquid liner from the centre of your iris rather than from your inner lid; it makes your eyes look instantly bigger and brighter, as opposed to closed off and heavy.  

7. Favourite fall trend?

Leather on leather, textured with more leather, as seen at Givenchy. It’s essentially a hybrid Canadian tuxedo suitable for a multitude of occasions. 

8. Last book you read?

What Happened by Hillary Clinton. It was heartbreaking.  

9. Best financial advice?

Ignore the bandwagon effect and invest thoughtfully.

10. Guilty pleasure? 

Deep-dish pizza from Giordano’s in Chicago. I have an iPhone album dedicated to its beauty. 

11. Morning routine?

Coffee, coffee, a giant cup of coffee! I prep everything I need for the next day the night before so that I can operate on autopilot until my coffee kicks in and I’m at my desk.  

12. Song of the summer?

Please don’t make me choose...