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Sunny breaks are in the forecast! Yellow is the breakout colour of the season both on the runways and in the streets. This favourite hue of Paris and Milan fashion weeks feels especially fresh after a long, cold winter and we love how it instantly updates everything. Seriously – you can wear it with a new jumpsuit or your favourite old pair of jeans and the effect is the same: totally on trend.

We love pairing this citrusy shade with more serious tones like navy or black.

1. Colour Pairing: We also love it with primary colours, or shades in that family. While mixing navy and yellow is always a hit, try pink and yellow if you really want a bold pairing!

2. Mixing Textures: Yellow is definitely less intimidating if you mix it with different textures and prints. Try introducing it with yellow-based prints, before incorporating it as a solid shade.

3. Layering and Statement Piece: Yellow can be worn as a super stylish layering piece or as a pop of colour! Finish off your look with a statement-making yellow shoe.

4. Vacation Vibes: Try yellow on vacation. We find we’re more adventurous with colour away from home, and it’s fun to get out of your fashion comfort-zone in a new destination.

5. Have fun with it!