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Setting the CEO table

Setting the CEO table

    setting the



    Founder and CEO Christine Carlton is known for her love of entertaining and those lucky enough to be invited to her table always RSVP. “Even when I was a little girl, I was drawn to pretty dishware, flowers and creating lively tablescapes,” she says.

     As summer winds down, Christine is making the most of it and wants you to as well. Here are some of her current inspirational settings, the footwear she chooses to complement them and the entertaining tips she swears by…


    Whether it’s an e-vite or, my personal favourite, an old-school cursive card, use the invitation to let your guests know if they’ll be beachside, poolside or in the garden. This helps me, and guests, plan footwear accordingly.

    the right note

    Music is key and it should be playing – loud enough to hear – when guests arrive. Be sure to update your playlist and don’t worry if you fall back on old favourites your guests have most likely heard before – in my house, it’s Motown! 




    Keep It Casual

    Use and enjoy your fine china, but keep it fun and informal by pairing it with thick cotton printed napkins and rattan chargers. Have guests sit where they like (no predetermined place settings) and, for the menu, I love DIY buffets where friends can prepare their own plates.

    finishing touches

    Don’t forget lighting and flowers. I love string lights to add a touch of whimsy and glass hurricane lanterns with simple white candles for a style statement. If you can, pick fresh blooms from your garden or greenery from your backyard. I keep floral arrangements simple and fun – you can’t go wrong with Dahlias and Peonies. 


    We all know too well how unpredictable the weather can be, so be sure to have a great spot indoors where you can entertain in the event of bad weather.